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Pay rate: $15.00 – $16.00 / hour
Nature and Scope
Shuttle drivers are responsible for safely transporting clients and providing superior service. Drivers must have good communication skills both oral and written to interact with fellow drivers, maintenance, the operations team, and the public they serve. Commitment, patience, maturity, and initiative are required qualities.
A valid driver’s license is required for all positions. A background check is a part of our hiring process.

Basic Qualifications/Minimum Requirements
• Must have a high school diploma or equivalent
• Valid driver’s license and a good driving record
• Various shifts available

Knowledge & Skills Required
• Class C driver’s license
• Public Passenger Vehicle license issued by the City of Eugene, Oregon (can be obtained after job interview)
• Able to load luggage and drive
• Must be capable of driving a variety of equipment (example: vans, SUVs, etc.)
• Organized, punctual and reliable
• Team player with a positive attitude
• Calm, pleasant and helpful manner
• Excellent driving skills and habits
• Map reading ability
• Ability to communicate effectively with all parties
• Commitment to excellence in customer service
• Knowledge of attractions and venues in and out of town

Principal Duties and Responsibilities
• Transport guests to and from the Eugene Airport from places, including but not limited to private homes, hotels, and educational campuses
• Assist passengers in loading and unloading their luggage and help disabled or elderly passengers in climbing in and out of vehicles
• Greet passengers and engage them in conversation in a bid to make them feel welcomed
• Turn in lost / found items to the shuttle service company and keep a lookout for suspicious activities in the vehicles
• Drive safely, responsibly, and be prepared for all road conditions
• Comply with federal, state, and local traffic regulations to operate vehicles in a safe and courteous manner.
• Respect fellow team members, equipment, and customers
• Ensure compliance with the “Hours of Service” requirements
• Pre and post trip checks of the unit each time it is used (emphasis on ensuring adequate fluid levels and vehicle cleanliness)
• Check the condition of a vehicle’s tires, brakes, windshield wipers, lights, oil, fuel, water, and safety equipment to ensure that everything is in working order.
• Complete all applicable paperwork required
• Prepare and submit reports that may include the number of passengers or trips, hours worked, mileage, fuel consumption, or fares received.
• Maintain phone contact with the office and use proper phone protocol
• Manage passenger behavior by quickly and effectively solving problems
• Be at work at your scheduled time, prepared and ready to go.
• Fuel vehicles as required and record information as per procedure
• Don’t let fuel go under ½ tank. No passengers on while fueling. Fuel cards are assigned to the individual vehicles
• Maintain clean vehicles inside and outside
• Ascertain that shuttle vehicles are cleaned at the end of each “drop time” and fueled up properly at the end of your shift
• Assist in washing shuttle vehicles and ensure that they are ready at the designated time each day
• Write incident reports regarding any customer behavior and other safety and security issues that may occur
• Regulate heating, and ventilation systems for passenger comfort.
• Complete & submit all pre-trips for all defects
• Must attend required safety meetings and other training sessions
• Report unsafe conditions. Report any injuries and vehicle accidents
• Use safe work procedures
• This position will often entail modest physical exertion such as lifting, pushing, pulling or carrying work-related supplies and equipment. Balancing, bending, crouching, kneeling, crawling and stooping are also routine.

Safety Expectations
• Follow Hub Airport Shuttle regulations regarding reporting of unsafe conditions
• Correct unsafe conditions
• Make safety suggestions
• Comply with applicable laws, regulations and policies
• Know where registration, inspection and collision reporting documents papers are located
• Make sure you are well rested
• A Public Passenger Vehicle license will be obtained from the City of Eugene and renewed annually
• Drivers must carry their driver’s license and Public Passenger Vehicle license with them when on duty driving. If drivers license or PPV license becomes lost, stolen or destroyed, operations must be notified immediately. A drivers license and/or PPV license duplicate must be obtained before the driver may continue driving.

Working Conditions- Drivers must be available to drive applicable shifts in accordance with customer obligations while adhering hours of service and applicable labor laws. Drivers must be well groomed and wear white shirts with black slacks and dark shoes. Must be willing to drive in all kinds of weather, light, road and traffic conditions.